Certified Service



Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our Complete Care Programme, including 3 Years/100,000km Free Certified Service 


No extra costs
Nothing but the best

With all new vehicles you get 3 Years Free Certified Service, so you can maintain the performance, safety and value of your new car for 3 years, or up to 100,000km which ever comes first.

With trained expert technicians, using only Holden-approved parts and fluid, sleep easy knowing your car is taken care of.

One of the largest networks of service Dealers in New Zealand.


Maintain a servicing schedule and take your road trips even further. 


Our recommended service intervals are calculated by time or distance travelled, depending on your driving style. Servicing your car regularly ensures the long term reliability and safety of your Holden and when it comes to selling your vehicle it can add value and buyer confidence.



Servicing your car by time

If you travel less than 15,000km in 12 months then you will need to service your vehicle according to time intervals. So your Holden will need to be serviced every 12 months (even if you haven't reached the KM limit).

Servicing your car by kilometres

If you drive more than 300km a week, use the odometer reading to determine when your service is due (every 15,000km, even if it has been less than 12 months since your last service).


You'll get 3 years Free Scheduled Certified Service — up to 100,000km, (if you go that far in 3 years) carried out by trained Certified Holden technicians, using only genuine Holden parts. All up, if you do 100,000km you'll get up to six 15,000km Certified Services, and one WOF inspection.


Our Promise to You

It’s called Complete Care because you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing for the next few years when you buy your new car. It means you’ll get the best of Holden’s tech know-how and quality parts, to maintain the performance, safety and value of your new car for 3 years, plus 24/7 emergency support is also on-call. It includes 3 years Free Certified Scheduled Service up to 100,000km, for every Holden vehicle sold new in New Zealand by a Holden Dealer from 1 September 2017. It’s not a one-off thing either; it’s for every new Holden sold in New Zealand by our Dealers, courtesy of Holden NZ and your Holden Dealer Network. We do Care.


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